My name’s Michael. I write and direct commercials.**

Sometimes I get tired of peddling other people’s propaganda and have to indulge a bit of my own.

Apologies in advance.

– M

**Some of these can be seen at www.michaelpowelson.com


9 responses to “About

  1. Glenn

    You are a wonderful writer. As one who left West Virginia in 1957 for college, never to return except for the three summers I came home to find temporary employment, my pride in the state of my birth remains. While I must cheer for the teams of my own university, my heart strings still vibrate a bit when I hear the Mountaineer band strike up with “Hail West Virginia.” Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks so much Glenn. I also went out-of-state for school, and now live elsewhere. However, my alma mater (Ohio University) didn’t have much of a sports tradition or fan support for its teams. On the one hand, I sometimes wish I’d had the experience of a big “sport school.” On the other, going without made me even appreciate growing up so close to WVU even more.

  2. Kevin Brake

    Thank you for your wonderful words about West Virginia and our Mountaineers! I’m a WVU Grad that was born and raised in Buckhannon, but unfortunately moved away in 1987. Living in Ohio is nice but I can honestly say that I miss West Virginia every single day. That may sound silly to outsiders, but West Virginians will understand. I’ve never been good at writing down my thoughts, but your words echoed the feelings I’ve had so many times in my 47 years. Thank you because at times you made me laugh and at times I felt a tear or two stream down my face. Again only West Virginians will understand!

  3. Alex

    Mr. Powelson-

    I just read your post “1 Shining Moment For a Two-Sided State.” As I sit in my dorm room at West Virginia University, I am moved to tears. I have experienced the same stereotypes that you have, both while in school and traveling. I spend a good deal of my time while traveling defending this great state (“I have cousins in Richmond.” “Really? That’s a 7 hour drive and a completely different state.”). I also feel the same way about the “trashbag” that Huggins wears sometimes.

    But the important thing: I went to the Final Four. I sat in that big stadium and watched my beloved team fall to Duke. But more importantly, I witnessed the emotion that occurred at the eleven minute mark. I felt an entire stadium go breathless with fear, and I saw the looks of grief. There I sat, four rows back, and watched our season slip away. But at that point, there were more things on my mind. Notably, the fact that my coach, who I once thought was a giant raving jerk, was down on his knees, comforting the player who had just had his dreams shattered by a tear no bigger than a few inches. And I saw humanity. And it was beautiful.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the post. It does my heart good to realize that someone else feels the same pride for his state that I do.

    Let’s go Mountaineers!


    PS-I was wondering if you had a digital copy of the picture you talked about. I would greatly appreciate one.

  4. Alex McLaughlin

    Dear Michael,

    Your most beautiful powerful moving tribute to Mountain Mamma and our beloved Mountaineers is now streaking across face book walls. I have lived here most of my 67 years with several early age sabbaticals. I think that I can speak for a number of people and say no one has ever captured with such poignancy feeling and beauty our love for this place and our teams.

    Your evolution in thinking about Bobby (including the fact that the guy who is the most visible West Virginia should wear a suit on the national scene) mirrors mine. In today’s world someone who doesn’t give a shit what others think is refreshing ,unique, and characteristic of a man I greatly respect, knowing that he is always on the edge of some disaster. After reading your article I am at peace with Bobby wearing a sweat suit. I have the same problem with Bob Bradley the national soccer coach who wears a sweat suit to World cup games. I am not at peace with that.

    God bless you and I hope you continue to write about West Virginia.

    Alex McLaughlin
    Charleston, West Virginia

  5. Sara Busse

    Michael — I would love to do a story about you for the Charleston Gazette… your WVU blog article is flying around the globe and it’s beautiful! Thanks. Sara Busse/ writer/Charleston Gazette

  6. tracy sheets

    There will be no apoligies accepted for this expertly written piece of work. I have never been a big reader, but for some reason clicked on the link that a friend sent and started reading. I found myself mesmerized and drawn into your story as if I was there, on the basketball court, riding down a winding road, and hearing John Denver in my head. You, for one have sparked my interest to get reading again…..and I will be anxiously waiting for the next chapter. If you could give a standing ovation to a writer, there would be “mountains” of people on their feet. Quit your day job!

  7. Kathryne

    That is the best description of what it means to be a West Virginian I have ever read. Thank you. Although you are a few years younger, you have captured the spirit of the fascination of the Mountaineers with WVU sports. I grew up in home where the Blue & Gold were the team to watch and every year was THE year for us. My father never lost faith and though he has been gone over twenty years, my mother is well into her eighties, and I am nearing 50 we are still avid fans that are carrying on his faith and hope and joy at the beginning of each new Mountaineer season. Perhaps the only thing you left out is out state motto which is “Moutaineers are always free” and I have always felt that meant we are free to be the individuals we continue to be without EVER having to explain ourselves…much like Coach Huggins and his track track suit.

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